June 07, 2020
Website / Android / IOS
client place
6534 education

01. The Working Model

E Educational website and android and IOS app was delivered. The main theme of doing this project is online education in this Quarantine time. Admin panel has lot of features like adding course, managing users and payment gateway and many more. User/Student will enroll in to the course. Course can be free/paid, if it is paid, student will pay and enroll to the course and they will start learning. They will write exams and they will receive the certificate with their name and course name. Can also add instructors. Can manage Zoom Live Classes too. Many many more features.

02. Earning Method

If there is no Instructors, every penny will be with admin. Course can be added with $x. Student will pay with $x and enroll to the course. After deducting taxes, you will receive your amount. If there are instructors, you can set commission and you will receive your commission on every enrollment. Instructor will promote for his earning and you promote for your commission.  Like this, you can use your strategies to earn more.

03. Perfect Result

We are proud to say, we did an amazing result and client is extremely happy for our project to them. 
Website + Android + IOS

It’s been a challenging to implement some features like cache and certificate generation with name and logo with clear padding.